International Teaching Certifications

Completing Specialization Modules

When you consider improving your skills in high-demand areas of ESL teaching, you will gain the competitive advantage as compared to other teachers applying for jobs in this field. Taking specialization modules allows you to:

International Teaching Certifications

Teaching Business English Module

For teachers who complete this module, you will enhance your Teacher Training Certificate in ESL and find additional ESL jobs abroad where you can teach business English.

English is the global language of our planet.a full 75 percent of all websites on the Internet are written in English, as well as a similar number of online communications like emails, and other digital messages are in English as well. English is the official language of the Olympic Games, and the World Trade Organization meets, communicates, and publicizes in English, even though many representatives are from non-English speaking countries. These are some of the reasons why ESL teachers are in such demand. Teaching overseas, and teaching business English is a good opportunity to educate prospective leaders and tomorrow.s business owners about how to effectively speak in the global language. When you specialize in Business English, you will have the needed knowledge and training to teach adults to correspond, communicate, and fully function within a global economy.

Certification Module

A 150-hour additional course in TESL/TEFL/TESOL is usually required to specialize in Business English.


Completion of the Oxford Seminars' TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification Course

Background Needed

There are no previous background requirements and no specific business knowledge is necessary.


The specialization module for Teaching Business English costs only $399 including all course materials, shipping and handling, instructor feedback and marking of assignments.

An additional discount of $100 is available if you enroll in a specialization module less than two weeks after finishing the TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification.


The specialization module is a 90-hour online course that is to be finished within three months' time.


Upon completion of the Teaching Business English specialization module, you will:



You must complete reading assignments, examine lesson plans, and write three unit tests.


The online course and all materials are included in the price of $399.

Employment Opportunities

Teachers who undertake the additional specialization in business English after earning their certification in TESOL/TESL/TEFL possess theoretical knowledge and skills to put into practice that are required by today.s ESL students. These business professionals can effectively communicate and speak, read, and write in English. This module allows you to teach top business executives, CEOs, and managers, as well as other business people abroad.

International Teaching Certifications

Science Graduate Certificates

New online teaching certificates are available through Global Leadership College to help help science teachers gain competence in one of the following five specific areas. A 90-hour certificate program will qualify you to teach a new subject, stay abreast of changes in your field, or help you achieve "highly qualified" status.

Science Subjects

These science subject areas are available for study through Global Leadership College:

Program Features

Science Teaching Certificate

This is a high-energy course that will help you learn much more about content and teaching science, while also increasing your confidence. The program covers science as a whole and is used to strengthen current knowledge.