Our Methods
We believe that education should be alive; that true learning comes about when students have the support and the opportunity to put their learning to the test by getting out into the world - by trying things out. Our curriculum offers students the opportunity to do just that.

Integrated Studies

We bring classes together so that students have an opportunity to look at things from a variety of perspectives. Three mornings a week students come in and work with teachers to complete the are spent focused on these integrated courses, in some cases the students decide which courses to focus on for a semester. Many of these integrated courses are requirements for the completion of the OSSD.

Group Work

In our fast-paced society it is crucial that students learn to work together, we bring together ideas, practices, and principles of successful group interaction to assist groups to work together well.

Individual Work

The ability to focus, to bring your own ideas and abilities out into the world on your own is also an important learning skill. Students have opportunities to work on their own.


We create, and encourage students to take their learning outside the classroom. Students find opportunities to volunteer, find mentors, and do projects linking their studies to the world around us. This assists them to make sense of what they are learning, to make long-term life decisions, and to recognize what skills and personal abilities they wish to strengthen.

GLC is pleased to be able to offer you an opportunity to study at your own pace and to provide the support you need, when you need it. These courses follow Ministry of Education curriculum and include all of the expectations and requirements to continue at your day school or at a post-secondary program. As such, these credits will have equal weight and consideration for your University and College applications.


GLC Online consists of courses and/or full programs offered to students via the Internet. What we do differently though is deliver the material in two ways in order to maximize our ability to reach individual with individual needs. The following are the two modes of delivery: With both types of delivery, students usually require a user name and password or other identifying information to access course materials on the Internet.
With most online distance learning programs, a distance education teacher reviews, marks and comments on the assignments that students submit via the Internet. We at GLC ensure that there will be a teacher physically present at scheduled times where students will be required to attend unless they pass a proficiency test. Regardless of whether the teacher be real or virtual though, the educator will challenge, encourage, question and support students.